Wind & Wet

DIY pram dinghy

Material list

The list of materials is only approximate and the quantities will vary depending on how the boat is finished.
Hull and deck panels
6mm marine plywood, 3 x 8ft x 4ft sheets
Rubbing strake
12mm x 30mm mahogany 5 x 2.5m length
Two laminates each side on the outside and one inside in the center
Deck to hull glue joints
15mm x 15 mm Mahogany
The fillet that allows the deck to be glued to the hull
Bulkhead extensions
18mm x 35 mm Mahogany
Outboard motor pad, knees
18mm thick mahogany
25mm x 18mm mahogany
Temporary bulkheads
9mm plywood
Any scrap plywood can be used.
Epoxy resin
The quantity depends if you are going to finish the whole boat in epoxy or just use it as a glue.
Filler powder for epoxy resin
Used for filleting joints and fairing
50mm fibreglass tape
Temporary ties
Cable ties or wire
Keel protection strips
12.5mm x 3mm aluminium strips
100mm diameter plastic wheels
Wheel support
2mm aluminium sheet
2.14m long
Row locks, bearings, tow eye, cleats
Paint, varnish, etc
Hatch covers
2 plastic hatch covers
Screws, washers, , etc
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